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About the Agency

An important aim of the Specialized Adoption Agency(SAA) is to reduce the placement of abandoned, orphan, and surrendered children in an institutional setup. The absence of the SAA results in a large percentage of abandoned, orphan and surrendered children being placed in an institutional setup, which could prove detrimental to the child’s physical, mental and emotional growth.

A well-organized body is required to tackle the rising number of abandoned children & orphans in the state. The question that comes up every time we interact with these children is “Where are they going to go, a few years down the line?”. This is where the SSA comes in.

The SSA provides a home and a family to children who don’t have one. It also handles cases of children who have suffered abuse. It gives love to neglected children who have never known love. To make sure that all the above are met, Proper Monitoring is important.

The SSA ensures that all adoptable children in all Child Care Institutions (CCIs) are brought into the adoption system; The SSA aims to change the common perception of Adoption. Adoption is often regarded as taboo. It is something people don’t discuss openly. Consequently, it leads to stigma. Thus, by having an SAA, the Agency can motivate people to adopt by organizing training and development activities to spread awareness about the Programme.

Objectives of the Specialized Adoption Agency

  • To provide non-institutional care to children who are orphans, abandoned or surrendered children for adoption.
  • To ensure that adoptable children are brought into the adoption system.
  • To be able to do post-adoption Follow-up.
  • To provide security to the lives of the children.
  • To monitor adoption legally.

For Details: Central Adoption Resource Authority Website


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