About Us

— Objectives

Main Objectives
  • Provide sustainable development and empowerment of people especially those falling within our Target Groups.
  • Capacity building and communication within the society amongst different communities.
Secondary Objectives
  • Organize, mobilize, empower and train the less privileged people in Shillong.
  • To promote a spirit of harmony among diverse cultures and communities.

— Our Mission

Reaching People, Touching Lives.

— Target Groups

1. Children in need of care and protection.
2. Destitute women
3. Young people in Shillong in need of direction and fellowship in life.

— Our Impacts

Our 500 Children from RSM School, Open Day Shelters and Homes has gained access to healthy meals, clothing, primary healthcare, education, recreation, vocational skills, love and attention.

— Brochure

You can view our brochure using the following link

Executive Board

The Ministry is managed by an Executive Board which is constituted of the following members:

Rev. Dr. M. J. Hynniewta – Advisor
Rev. Reuben G. Laloo – President
Mrs. Candida Kharsyntiew – Coordinator i/c SAA and Women Project.
Mr. Ralph L. Lyngdoh – Coordinator i/c Administration and Finance.
Mrs. Jennyfer P. Tham – Coordinator i/c Publications and Lawei Baphyrnai Children Home Girls
Mrs. Siewdor G. Lyngdoh -Coordinator i/c Lawei Baphyrnai Children Home for Boys
Mrs G. Pyngrope – Coordinator i/c Open Day Shelter
Mrs. Judicia Pariat -Coordinator i/c Vocational Training Centre.
Mr. Wyatt I. Yatbon – Member
Mr. David Laloo – Member