Reach Shillong Ministries

Reaching People, Touching lives


Reach Shillong Ministries is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation registered as a society under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, and was established on the 14th November 2007.

Registration No: E 16/4/ OF 2008/143


— Our Mission

Reaching People, Touching lives.

— Our Impacts

Our 500 Children from RSM School, Open Day Shelters and Homes has gained access to healthy meals, clothing, primary healthcare, education, recreation, vocational skills, love and attention.

— Target Groups

1. Children in need of care and protection.
2. Destitute women
3. Young people in Shillong in need of direction and fellowship in life.


  • A story of Kheno
    Kheno Rongpei a resident of Mawtamur Nongwah, Mawpnar went missing from her home since the 17 August 2022. As per her statement, Kheno doesn’t go out too much be it to buy groceries, or to do any other miscellaneous….

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