Covid 19 response programme

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented emergency on food availability to the underprivileged children. Thus, affecting all the children from Open Day Shelters, Children Home’s, Educational Sponsorship Programme and RSM School for the Underprivileged. The pandemic has led to severe disruptions in normal life, including closure of all the Open Day Shelters and the RSM School for the Underprivileged. The Ministry has taken several initiatives in the year 2020-21 to ensure that the children are getting sufficient food for a healthy nutritional status. One of the initiatives is the Food Distribution Programme were the Ministry was able to Distribute food essentials to 500 children attending the Open Day Shelter Iew Mawlong, Open Day Shelter Nongmensong, Open Day Shelter Mawblei, RSM School for the underprivileged and children from the Educational Sponsorship Programme.