A story of Kheno

Kheno Rongpei a resident of Mawtamur Nongwah, Mawpnar went missing from her home since the 17 August 2022. As per her statement, Kheno doesn’t go out too much be it to buy groceries, or to do any other miscellaneous work, for she loved staying at home and looking after her mother. It is her sister and brother-ln-law who manage all the household duties –buying groceries, paying bill etc. Apparently, on the 17th August 2022, Kheno without anyone’s knowledge left home with a thought to go to (Iew Nongpoh) Nongpoh’s market to buy vegetables. On reaching Nongpoh, due to language barrier as Kheno only speak her local dialect, therefore instantly panic for she did not know how to get back home. Frightened and at the thought that she would be missing from her home she immediately boarded a tourist-taxi thinking it was a cab that would take her home. Unfortunately, this taxi brought her to Shillong. On reaching Shillong she then got down and was roaming about with nowhere to go. With the help of some local people she was then brought to Laitumkhrah Police station. On reaching Laitumkhrah Police station, the Police tried to collect information so that they could restored her. But again due to language barrier overwhelmed by fear being in an unknown place, was not able to relate any information to the police. The only word she repeatedly uter is “Nowah”. Nobody could understand her. The only option is to placed her in a safe place. Thus, she was then admited at the Swadhar Greh a Home for Women of Reach Shillong Ministries. On being admited at Swadhar Greh, the only words that she can repeatedly utered is “Nowah”. Strenuous efforts was put by the Coordinator and Staffs of Swadhar, through activities like individual counselling, group session. Slowly, she started to open with her fellow inmates. However, most of the time she chose to isolate herself. The Swadhar team did not gave up hope. Different methods was employed such as bringing in someone who can speak her dialect with a hope she might open up but it was in vain. A month passed by and the Swadhar Greh team initiated follow up with the Laitumkhrah Police station, but nothing could be traced of her relative. However, one day during one of the session, a counsellor intriguingly asked her of her ID’s . To the surprise of the team, Kheno had an EPIC with her. This then becomes a road map for the Team to locate her address. It was through this card that the Team learnt that Kheno is a resident of Nongwah Jirang Ri-Bhoi District. Without any further delay, the Swadhar Greh, took swift action by reaching out to friends from Nongpoh who were also resident of Mawtamur. They knew her well and were also narrating that there had been a community search and the family had lost all hope. The Rangbah Shnongs also inform that an FIR and a missing report were also filed. It was on the 14 September 2022, her brother in law along with the Headman and villagers arrived at the Swadhar Greh. Kheno, was restored back to her family safely.